Faculty and Staff

Michael A. Vincent

Trifolium, Legume Systematics, Flora of the Bahamas

Office: 77 Upham Hall
Phone: (513) 529-2755
Email: vincenma@muohio.edu
R. James Hickey
Asst. Curator, Professor

Monilophytes, Isoetes, Lycopodium, Flora of the Bahamas

Office: 72 Upham Hall
Phone: (513) 529-6000
Email: hickeyrj@muohio.edu
Richard C. Moore
Assistant Professor

Plant Evolution, Evolution of Sex Chromosomes, Carica papaya

Office: 394 Pearson Hall
Phone: (513) 529-4278
Email: moorerc@muohio.edu
Ellen D. Currano
Assistant Professor

Paleobiology, Climate Change

Office: 102 Shideler Hall
Phone: (513) 529-8311
Email: currane@muohio.edu
W. Hardy Eshbaugh
Professor Emeritus
Ethnobotany, Solanaceae, Capsicum, Flora of the Bahamas

Office: 76 Upham Hall
Phone: (513) 529-1960
Email: eshbauwh@muohio.edu
Thomas K. Wilson
Professor Emeritus

Plant Morphology, Floral Biology, Canellaceae, Myristicaceae, Flora of the Bahamas

Email: wilsontk@muohio.edu

Current Students

Tia Ahlquist
Master's Student

A Taxonomic Revision of the Trifolium amabile Kunth Species Complex
Advisor: Michael A. Vincent

Office: 333 Pearson Hall
Email: ahlquit@muohio.edu
Laura Klein
Master's Student

Introgressive Hybridization in North American Diphasiastrum Section Complanata Species
Advisor: Jim Hickey

Office: 333 Pearson Hall
Mirabai McCarthy
Ph. D. Candidate

Molecular and Morpholgical Systematics of the Adiantum peruvianum Group
Advisor: R. James Hickey

Office: 342 Pearson Hall
Email: mccartmr@muohio.edu

Former Students

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Website Programming and Design

Kokulapalan Wimalanathan
Web Programming

Master's Student
Botany Department

Email: wimalak@muohio.edu
Tia Ahlquist
Web Design

Master's Student

Email: ahlquit@muohio.edu